Increase Effectiveness of Your Direct Mail Campaigns with Variable Data Printing

What is variable data printing?
Variable data printing enables the “mass-customization” of documents as opposed to the “mass-production” of a single document. This enables you to change text, graphics, and images from one printed piece to the next so that you can deliver a custom message for each recipient. The more personalized the mailer is to an individual, the greater the response rate it will receive.

  • Variable data printing has been shown to greatly increase response rates, when compared to the more traditional direct mail campaign.

Variable data printing is one of the most effective methods to use when implementing a direct mail or promotional campaign. Customizing each piece with personalized information adds a special touch to an otherwise generic piece. Variable data has been proven to increase response rates, Wikipedia reports that that return of variable data print pieces vary from double to 10-15 times the rate of generic pieces. Now that’s pretty impressive. How do your marketing pieces stack up?
The secret behind the effectiveness of variable data printing compared to non-personalized mailers is that the personalized pieces not only capture attention, but back it up with content relevant to each unique recipient. And when you talk with recipients personally, using text, imagery and offers customized to their unique needs and desired, a few things happen:

  • Average order sizes improve
  • Cost per response decreases
  • Repeat business increases

Variable data printing is a great solution for direct mail pieces, promotional flyers, or any other type of product where you want to speak directly to your customer with a customized message which is unique to them, even if it’s just making creative use of their first name. The only limit to variable data printing is your imagination. Consider the power of being able to create a totally unique mailing piece based on the recipient’s age, gender, interests, and buying habits. The possibilities are endless!
How Does it Work?                                    
Variable data pieces are created by picking the information from your database and matching them to rules that have been set up within the variable data software. The elements that can be changed by using variable data can be text, graphics, photo’s and colors. Thus delivering a completely personalized message to your audience.
Getting Started
Before jumping feet first in to variable data printing campaign we recommend that you first test drive a variable data printing campaign with a relatively simple project, such as:

  • Sending personalized thank you cards containing special offers or a personalized message.
  • Test the power of variable data printing by sending a customized and non-customized mailing to a sample group of individuals in your database to see which one yields better results.

How Can I Use Variable Data Printing to Market My Business or Services?
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