Tri-Lakes Printing – Mailing Services

Tri-Lakes Printing can design, print and mail your project all in house. We ensure your mailings are printed and mailed in the most economical way possible. We can mail to select zip codes or use your mailing list. Services Include:

  • List Acquisition
  • Use of our Bulk Mail Permits –
    First Class and Standard
  • List Management
  • Ink Jet Addressing
  • Variable Data Imprinting
  • Tabbing
  • CASS Certification
  • NCOA Certification
  • Intelligent Mail Barcodes
  • Pre-Cancelled Stamp Application
  • Stamp Application
  • Non-Profit Mailings
  • Ghost Permits
  • Transport to Post Offices

Mailing Lists need to be in an Excel format in order to be used in a bulk mailing. If you stop by our office we have maps, saturation count lists and web site information to help with your mailing needs.

If you have any questions, please contact us today at 719-488-2544